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MARIO MONTEZ is MANDATED with full legal representation worldwide to work with African Sellers and also some BUYERS around world. at negotiations, Sell and Buy Au-Precious Metals, (Un-Refined Gold Dore Bars and Rough Diamonds), from mines around the world.

I'm always looking to new Sellers.  If you are a miner (Gold/Diamond owner) and you are available to sell all your raw gold and rough diamonds, then I'm very happy if you are available to work together and you appoint me your entrusted MANDATE (Legal Representative, Seller Mandatory) for all Buyers/Buyers Mandate needs.

BUYERS can purchase any quantities- large or small, From a few 100 kgs raw gold or 500carts diamonds, monthly up to “large amounts”. Contracts can be “fixed quantity” or for a term of one or more years.

In CIF “Carriage & Insurance and Freight Paid to"

I'm always getting some new requests for deliveries CIF DUBAI, USA or EUROPE and pay by T/T after final assay report Buyer's Refinery,..
Instruments available against seller's 2%PB, and since a SKR is issued by an internationally recognized security/shipping company.
Buyers are planning to purchase 50 - 100Kgs first tranche and 100 - 500kgs/Month


In FOB "Free One Board"

BUYERS will pay for the cost of assay & testing fees and is responsible for all costs of shipping, export, insurance, documentation charges and all duties from origin (Africa) to Buyer's destination.

I have interested buyers and ready to sign multiple contracts and move to multiple locations, EUROPE, USA, DUBAI, one by one.

The BUYERS work with International Shipping/Security Companies and Private Charters, who ensures the transportation and Exportation process is done from the Origin till the destination at utmost safe and confidential Mechanism.

In this case is the Buyer who chooses the Shipping Company that he will use and never the seller, taking into account that it is buyer who pays all expenses, ...

I want to remind that, the Shipping Company will be a internationally recognized company will be Buyer's choice and must be approved by Seller. Shipping Company must have facilities in the country of origin of the product.



I ONLY accept work directly with “END SELLERS” – “GOLD/DIAMONDS OWNER”


If you are an “END SELLERS” – “GOLD AND DIAMONDS OWNER” and you can prove it, through all "seller's documents" + "Gold mining Permit or License"  + "past performance" and sign an private agreement of representation with me including the approval of my conditions, terms and procedures that I work with all sellers as well as the buyers, So please, you should email me with all your complete details,

Company Name;


Represented By(CEO);

Passport Number;


Cell Phone;

Company email Address;

Skype and WhatsApp 

and I will be very happy to start conversation with you.

(If you are not a End Seller, Gold/Diamond Owner, do not waste your time with messages and stories, saying that will connect me directly with end seller, etc., because I will never accept it,.. I only accept Brokers or Representatives between me and End Buyer,.. understood?)



IN FOB CONDITION, BUYER OR LEGAL REPRESENTATIVE only travels to Africa after Sales and Purchase Agreement (SPA) signed by seller and buyer, recognized in Notary Public and lodge his versions to his respective banks and are verified to the satisfaction of all parties.

- SERIOUS BUYERS do not travel to discuss sales and purchase agreements.
- No Gold or Diamonds delivered by diplomats or Seller’s Shipping Agent.
- No reception at airport, No visit to Mines/Storage, No Hotel meetings or going to Seller’s Offices.
- No Top Table Meeting, No buying a ticket for a seller.
- No Gold or Diamonds as collateral.

- No Payment Buyers Permit.

• Only the curious Buyers and time wasters travel to Africa before signing any agreement (Sales and Purchase Agreement),
• Similarly happens with Sellers that your only worry is get a buyer in his offices ...

Buyer should agree to pay for Seller’s Entry Visa/hotel/food expenses to and in the Country of Destination for a business stay of 3 to 7 working days, (Visas issued to the Seller is a maximum of 10 days).



Thank you for your understanding as the last thing we want to do is waste our time and your time exchanging emails without meaning.

You Shall write to us @,,
mentioning all your details and what you would like to deal with.